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OPERATION FOREMAN (Assignment: Sorong, Papua) Purna-Waktu Job

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Detil Pekerjaan

Provide help to supervise & monitor all lifting activity on the POSB, continually monitor rigging equipment for defects – isolate / quarantine defective equipment, and to provide HSE Leadership to all rigger and operator. Supervise all moving equipment activity in POSB (Crane, Forklift, Trailer, etc.), manage the equipment to run efficiently and in accordance with Petrosea Standard Operating Procedure, continually monitor equipment for defects – isolate / quarantine defective equipment, and to provide HSE Leadership to all operators. Directs the daily operation of site area include loading/offloading cargo, receiving, storage and distribution system, manage operation reports, manage cargo manifest, develop on/offloading plan (stowage plan), vessel coordination, manage CCU stacking and certificate/colour coding and manage cargo stripping/stuffing including lashing.


  • Have already familiarized with equipment and Petrochemical or Oil & Gas working environment.
  • Shall be able to read, write, and understand the manual language.
  • Valid driving license B-II.
  • Preferable local (Sorong) applicants
  • Holding certificate training basic maintenance forklift truck.
  • Shall have successfully completed competency assessment LPA 001.
  • Min. High/Technical School preferably degree or diploma Mechanical.
  • Min. 5 years professional experience as certified Rigger by recognized OGS Company.
  • Have strong leadership to supervise and manage, including disciplinary action if required.
  • Able to develop and encourage subordinates, motivate by respect and avoid favouritism.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with Clients, subordinates, superiors and other third parties related to the Project.
  • Understand and able to implement control of Work Systems (PTW).
  • Understand HSE principle in all aspect of Base Operation.
  • Must be available for on-call duty in emergency situations.
  • Willing to work extended hours to meet project targets.
  • Leadership, able to lead at least 10 workers.
  • Self-starter and high initiative.
  • OPITO stage 3 certification.


  • Attend Pre shift handover meeting and take a note to prioritizing work base on MSR list
  • Pro-actively to have a positive feedback & questions during handover shift meeting
  • Daily walk patrol to maintain housekeeping & Safety issues finding
  • Enforce to riggers to consistently checking lifting tools and ensure it is has valid color code, ID, SWL, and proper certification.
  • Encourage riggers to Inspect and screening cargoes inbound and outbound. Raised notification to clients if any non-conformance identified. 
  • Motivate the workforces to maintain their time keeping by providing lead by example
  • Provide JHA and Risk Assessment for non-routine operation and conduct PTO for the task being executed when required.
  • Ensure all of control stated in the JHA and/or Risk Assessment is implemented and right to stop the job if identified is unsafe. 
  • Choose on the most efficient, safest and cost effective method of moving, loading, and unloading materials as per POSB WI/Procedures.
  • Providing the rigger/operator prior to starting the job with appropriate PPE.
  • With TC to provide regular class for initial and refreshing training for riggers and banksman.
  • Ensure all person involved in the job has been received socialization of Appropriate JHA and SOP prior to work executed.
  • Accurately record all equipment and labor hours
  • Ensure that only properly qualified & authorized personnel operate equipment. Equipped the workforces with a proper PTW
  • Ensure all operators complete pre-start check sheet, closely monitor these sheets.
  • Work with supervisor to arrange operator / rigger manpower.
  • Lead on attendance and time keeping.
  • Distribute office information to operator / rigger.
  • Maintain a high level of housekeeping.
  • Ensure that all equipment is used in accordance with its inherent design capability.
  • Ensure equipment is not operated with a known defect that is or could be detrimental to safe operation.
  • Ensure equipment defects are reported and were removed from work area. 
  • Leadership: Leading by example to improve workforce’s time keeping and discipline
  • Create daily and seasonal schedules for Fuels Distribution.
  • Monitor and maintain the amount of fuel in tanks at the fuel farm.
  • Prepare and check receiving or shipping documents and supervise the Quality Surveillance of Fuels, Lubricants and related Products. 
  • Allocate work assignments based on observed of PBMS.
  • Writes/revises/edits fuels management documents, including Standard Operating Procedures, Internal Work Instruction Documents, and Job Hazard Assessments.
  • Develop & manage periodical Shorebase activity reports for Operations Manager.
  • Develop, check & manage cargo manifest from/to vessel.
  • Develop on loading, offloading and stowage plan for cargo from/to vessel.
  • Coordinate with Operations Control Room Superintendent for Vessel berthing management.
  • Assist managing cargo stripping/stuffing including lashing prior to loading activity.
  • Assist managing Heavy Speed Diesel fuel and receiving, storage, distribution, and restocking. Jet fuel collection and shipment.
  • Assist managing CCU for maintenance/repair, fit for use, fit for storage and junk for disposal.
  • Assist managing waste storage, packing/labelling and shipment.
  • Maintains workplace program and ensure safety is the highest priority in the work place.
  • Strictly follow and implement all company/client and or bridging policy, procedures and specific Work Instruction (WI) at location site.
  • Maintain full compliance to POSB Waste Segregation Policy.
  • Reduces energy consumption in area of responsibility by eliminating the unnecessary use of resources; water and power.
  • Identify any environmental issues in area of area responsibility (regular audit schedule).
  • Rigging Loft Controller
Send your detailed resume including recent photograph and quoting in Microsoft Word or PDF format with a file size not more than 350kb, not later than 07 August 2017.

Please be aware of certain frauds or misinformation regarding recruitment advertising on behalf of Petrosea. We never ask for any payments whatsoever from applicants or candidates during the recruitment process. We never ask applicants or candidates to use specific travel agent services to make arrangements for transportation and accommodation during the recruitment process.

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