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Asisten PGS Purna-Waktu Job

1 tahun yang lalu Pertanian/Agronomi/Kehutanan Jakarta 939 views
Detil Pekerjaan

Kami adalah perusahaan perkebunan kelapa sawit yang sedang berkembang pesat yang berlokasi di Kalimantan Barat, Kalimantan Tengah, Kalimantan Timur, dan Kalimantan Utara saat ini sedang membutuhkan para profesional muda untuk mempati posisi :


Kualifikasi umum :

  • Pria, usia Maksimal 30 tahun
  • Dinamis dan sanggup bekerja keras
  • Bersedia ditempatkan seluruh area perkebunan DSN Group

Kualifikasi Khusus :

  • Fresh Graduated S1 Semua Jurusan
  • Menguasai komputer office, teliti dan pengalaman berorganisasi diutamakan

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Subject : Kota_Posisi yang dilamar_2018

Contoh : Medan_Asisten PGS_2018

Exp date : 30 Maret 2018

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Deskripsi Perusahaan
Indonesia ranks as the country with the world's third largest tropical rainforest. These rainforests, which stretches from the island of Sumatra to Papua, possesses high economic value derived from various sources, both in terms of renewable sources such as wood as well as non-renewable sources such as minerals.
These natural resources significantly contributed to Indonesia's development, but at the same time, rapid deforestation has heightened both domestic as well as international concerns. Therefore, the application of these natural resources requires an operator that has both the responsibility and commitment to conducting this business, preserving the environment, and simultaneously empowering the local community. Founded three decades ago, the Dharma Satya Nusantara Group or DSN Group, truly understands the above concept. From our initial establishment, the Company has, apart from focusing efforts aimed at enhancing business growth, constantly taken into consideration factors pertaining to the environment and empowering the community as an integral part of the Company's blue print.
Subsequently, our success is not merely measured by our operational and financial accomplishments, but also by our contribution to the welfare of Indonesians. To achieve this objective, we must ensure that the entire internal aspects are ready and mature beforehand, beginning from the business model, human resources, and to future business development. We operate a business model through innovations in business areas ahead of others. As a result, we are always motivated to constantly look forward as well as anticipate for opportunities ahead.In addition to this, we also realize that DSN Group's success to date is also attributed to the support and loyalty of its human resources. For that purpose, we always strive to maintain efforts to enhance the quality of our employees through various guidance and training, both in areas pertaining to work as well as other fields. Meanwhile, to provide benefits for the employees' welfare, we offer a competitive remuneration and rewards scheme along with other adequate perks.
The level of work satisfaction of DSN Group employees is reflected in the relatively low employees' turnover rate.In our efforts to develop new busineses within the DSN Group, we focus on developing areas that contribute support and added value to our existing business. To this end, we strive to consistently operate within a mutually supportive industry, and simultaneously promote business fields. Moreover, we also involve the Company's stakeholders in developing these new business, in particular the public. Comprehension of this work concept is consistently reflected and will continue to serve as a direction for every step of our business development efforts that is currently concentrated on three types of integrated business, which are Wood Products, Timber Estates and Plantations.